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BCHL announces extended partnership with HeadCheck Health

Photo credit: Garrett James Photography

The BC Hockey League (BCHL) announced today an extension of their partnership with HeadCheck Health concussion management and data collection system.

Since partnering with HeadCheck in 2017, the BCHL has shifted all concussion identification, management and care onto their app and web system, including baseline testing and return-to-play protocols.

“HeadCheck Health has been a great partner for the league over the past three years,” said BCHL Executive Director Steven Cocker. “The safety of our players is a driving force for much of what we do at the league office and this partnership has helped us further that cause. We look forward to working closely with HeadCheck to expand education and resources for our players and staff.”

“Their app and web system have allowed us to streamline our communication at the league level as well as the team medical level and has strengthened our working relationships with the doctors, athletic therapists and clinics that work to keep our players healthy and on the ice.”

The main focuses of the partnership are to elevate concussion management and standard of care in the BCHL, maintain consistency through personnel changes and to streamline all necessary testing and documentation.

“The BCHL is very proactive about solving the challenges that come with implementing an effective league-wide concussion protocol,” said Harrison Brown, CEO of HeadCheck Health. “We look forward to continuing this great relationship and helping them ensure a high standard of player safety.”

Due to the success the BCHL has enjoyed working with HeadCheck Health, the company has signed agreements with all 10 leagues across the CJHL.