FAQ HeaderPlease refer to the following sections for answers to some of the most frequently asked questions that potential players ask about the British Columbia Hockey League.

Fees and Costs

Q: Is there a monthly Room and Board fee that teams charge?
A: Starting with the 2018-19 season, BCHL teams have the option to charge players to stay with local billet families.

Q: Are teams permitted to charge a TEAM REGISTRATION FEE?
A: Yes, The BCHL requires that all players playing in the Bauer BCHL Showcase pay a $100 per game played fee (to a maximum of $200) in order to participate in the Showcase.  BCHL Teams may require carded players to pay a separate TEAM REGISTRATION FEE.  The fee is administered at the teams’ discretion and is not to exceed $800. Teams choosing to administer a fee must do so to all players on their team and in compliance with NCAA Regulations. Fee refunds must be pro-rated with a schedule of refund amount to release date clearly outlined on the team letterhead. Teams choosing to charge a TEAM REGISTRATION FEE must also submit to the league office a copy of the team form letter including the refund schedule. Individual player forms must be kept in the teams office and available upon league request.

Q: Are players provided cash allowances?
A: No, teams cannot provide players with cash allowances above room and board in order to maintain NCAA eligibility. However, teams can provide educational bursaries through scholarship funds etc.

Roster Regulations

Q: How many players can be on a BCHL Roster?
A: The BCHL Roster limit is 23 players at any time.

Q: What is an import player?
A: As of 2013, all Canadian citizens are eligible to play in any Junior A league as soon as they are age-eligible. Only American-born players are considered imports.

Q: Is there a limit as to how many imports a team can have?
A: Yes, a team may only have six import players on their roster at any one time.

Player Equipment

Q: What equipment is provided to the player?
A: The BCHL has entered into a contract with Bauer Hockey Inc. The agreement is for three years ending at the conclusion of the 2019-20 BCHL season.  Specific compliances are:

  • Bauer pants, gloves, helmet/visors:
  • Game and practice jerseys/socks:
  • Off Ice Apparel (including warmup gear):
  • Each new player shall be provided with new exposed gear each season.  Exposed gear to include (Helmet, visor(s), gloves and pants).
  • Each player shall be provided with a minimum two (2) sticks per month during the regular season and playoffs complying with the Bauer/BCHL contract
  • Returning players are permitted to wear their previous year’s exposed gear in their returning years. This gear must meet a reasonable safety standard.

Team Travel and other: 

  • Maximum three players per room when travelling on the road.
  • All team travel must be minimum by bus.
  • Meals: Game Day. Minimum three meals per day.
  • Travel Day: Minimum three meals per day to include breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
  • The amount of meals provided by the team on the road is pro-rated by the amount of time the team is travelling. I.e. An in-division game within an hour’s distance = a post-game meal
  • No-fee gym access for players.
  • Travel to and from Wenatchee, Washington, USA: Canadian player out of country travel insurance (3rd party) is provided by the BCHL.  USA players to provide their own family insurance while traveling in the USA.