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NHL Draft Profile: Chase Stefanek

Photo credit: Liz Wolter

The 2024 NHL Draft is set to take place on June 28 and 29 at The Sphere in Las Vegas, Nev. NHL Central Scouting’s Final Rankings include 10 players that played in the BCHL last year.

Leading up to the draft, we will share interviews with the prospects about the draft process and a variety of other subjects.

The BCHL’s 2024 NHL Draft coverage is presented by Chevrolet.


Entering his first season in the BCHL, Trail Smoke Eaters forward Chase Stefanek had a slight advantage over most of the league’s newcomers. His older brother Jason, who already had a year in the league under his belt, would be joining him in Trail, which helped with the transition to junior hockey.

The younger Stefanek brother had an immediate impact on the team, finishing third in Smoke Eaters scoring with 35 points in 54 games during the regular season. His play earned himself a spot on NHL Central Scouting’s rankings ahead of the upcoming draft.

We connected with Stefanek to talk about playing with his brother, making the jump to junior hockey, the draft and more.


BCHL: How much did it help having your older brother Jason with you for your first season in the league?

Stefanek: It was definitely easier because he already had a year in the league under his belt. Based off of what he was saying, I already knew what the talent was like in the BCHL. He helped me transition to the league and, once I got used the pace, I was able to take off. He said it was fast-paced and the league was only going to get better. We wanted to be part of such a great league. It was a really fun year.

BCHL: How did you manage to adjust to the BCHL so quickly and have such a productive year?

Stefanek: I was a little nervous at first, then I eventually realized that I could be one of the better players on my team. Once I got my confidence, I just took off from there. It was just a matter of being confident, which led to getting the job done on the ice.

BCHL: With it being your draft year, did it add some extra pressure for you?

Stefanek: It’s obviously in the back of your mind, but I’m just out there trying to give it my all and get the best result possible on the ice. I just wanted to contribute to the team and get the job done. There was no added stress. I just wanted to go out and play the game the right way.

BCHL: If you were speaking to an NHL general manager or scout, how would you describe your game and how would it translate to the next level?

Stefanek: I’m a complete player that plays both sides of the puck. I have great vision and can read plays the right way. Looking to the next level, with my hockey IQ, I can read the play at a faster rate than others, so I think my game would translate. With practice and hard work, I can improve on my skills and get them to an NHL calibre.

BCHL: What would it mean to you and your family if you were to get drafted?

Stefanek: My family knows it’s my dream to play in the NHL and getting drafted is the next step to accomplishing that. I would just feel excited to get to work with whatever organization selected me. It would be a good time, but then my focus would quickly shift to developing into a good player in the NHL.

BCHL: You’re committed to Harvard University, which is well-known for academics. Why is education a big focus for you?

Stefanek: My dad always instilled in me that hockey can only get me so far and that I will have a whole life after my playing career. When I get to the point where I’m not playing anymore, I’ll have a whole different aspect of life left. He always tells me that education can get me to where I need to go. You always need a Plan B.