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BCHL launches NCAA Interactive Map feature

The BCHL launched a new interactive map feature for fans, players and parents to easily navigate where NCAA Division I schools are located throughout the United States. It also provides useful information like what current BCHL players are committed to a specific program, which former players from the league are currently attending the school and which notable alumni have come through the program.

Users can navigate the map by zooming in and clicking a school’s logo which will pull up a menu with information on commitments and alumni, or they can use the menu at the top of the map to find the information by filtering through BCHL teams, college programs or through a list of player names.

The NCAA Interactive Map is constantly changing and player information will be added or changed throughout the year when new players commit, when alumni graduate college or when they change professional teams.

Click here to view the NCAA Interactive Map.

You can also find the map on the BCHL website under the Education tab of the menu.