NHL Draft Profile: Cade Alami

Cade Alami is in his second year of eligibility for the NHL Draft as well as his second season with the Surrey Eagles.

In 2019-20, the 6-foot-7 defenceman was a rock for the Eagles, playing in all 58 regular-season games and all seven postseason contests. He had 13 points during the season and added a goal and two assists in the playoffs.

He’s back at camp with the Eagles ahead of the 2020-21 season and him and his teammates have high expectations after finishing last year on a high.

Alami tells us about all that and more.


BCHL: Your last BCHL game was a Game 7 win over the Chilliwack Chiefs in the first-round of last year’s playoffs. What was that experience like for you and your team?

Alami: It was crazy. It was probably my favourite hockey moment that I’ve had in my career, to be honest with you. All of our boys really came together as a family. That win really meant a lot to us, especially because we were having a hard time at the beginning of the season. We had kind of a slow start. At the end, we really banded together. To win that series was huge.

BCHL: With a good amount of players returning from that 2019-20 team, do you think you’ll be able to carry over that success you enjoyed late last year?

Alami: I think for sure it’s going to lead into this year as far as our expectations and how we need to perform every night. We’ve got three months to start before the season starts. We should be coming in hot out of the gate. My goal is to win a championship with this team. I think we have the players to do it. I think it’s really ours to lose. We’ve got all the pieces, we just have to execute.

BCHL: This is your second year of draft eligibility. What was the experience like for you last year?

Alami: I try not to think about it too much. I try to just play my game and become the best player I can. I let my game speak for itself. Whatever happens or doesn’t happen, it’s out of my control, other than what I do on the ice. I don’t really try to overthink it.

BCHL: Do you plan on watching the draft or just doing your own thing and hoping for a phone call?

Alami: I’m going to watch. I think every hockey player watches, just because it’s a fun thing to do. If it happens, great. If it doesn’t, it’s more fuel to the fire for me.

BCHL: If you were to describe yourself as a player to an NHL team that was interested in selecting you, what would you say?

Alami: I’m a big guy that can skate pretty well. I think that’s an asset of mine that’s caught people’s attention. I can move and I’m big. I’d also mention my work ethic. I’m a pretty hard worker.


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