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NHL Draft Profile: Connor MacPherson

Photo credit: Island Images

The 2024 NHL Draft is set to take place on June 28 and 29 at The Sphere in Las Vegas, Nev. NHL Central Scouting’s Final Rankings include 10 players that played in the BCHL last year.

Leading up to the draft, we will share interviews with the prospects about the draft process and a variety of other subjects.

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2005-born forward Connor MacPherson joined the Penticton Vees to start the 2023-24 season with his twin brother Ryan alongside him.

Connor notched 42 points in 54 games during the regular season to finish in a tie for third in team scoring and helped the Vees get to the Fred Page Cup Final for the third straight season.

This is MacPherson’s second year of draft eligibility, but he was by his brother’s side for the 2023 draft when Ryan was selected by the Philadelphia Flyers in the sixth round.

Connor is hoping it is his turn to get the good news on draft day this year. We caught up with him to discuss the draft process, his season in Penticton and starting his college career next season.


BCHL: You just wrapped up your rookie season in the BCHL, playing alongside your brother Ryan. How much did it help with the transition to have him around?

MacPherson: It helped a lot. It was our first year away from home, so having someone you know that well right off the get go was big. Getting to play together at a higher level and showcasing our skills once again was fantastic. We enjoy playing together, so it was a great year, especially being in Penticton. They have a great organization there and they made us both better players.

BCHL: Your brother was drafted last year. What was that experience like for your family?

MacPherson: It was awesome. We were watching the draft together and I was probably even more excited than he was when I saw his name come across the screen. He was in the other room and me and my parents saw it a few seconds before he did. We were all super excited, then a few seconds later Ryan saw it and started going nuts. It was a really cool experience for our family.

BCHL: Even though you were happy for your brother, I’m sure it was a bit disappointing that you weren’t selected. Did you use that as motivation at all this year?

MacPherson: I’d say it motivated me. It sucked not getting picked last year, but to get the chance again this year, I had to play even better, because it’s harder for second-year guys. I think I stepped up my game when it mattered and that’s what got me on the list. It was a bit of a driving force for me. Overall, I’m always wanting to get better, regardless of a draft list. I went to Penticton to get better and to learn and that’s exactly what I did.

BCHL: If you were describing your game to an NHL scout or general manager, what would you say?

MacPherson: I see myself as a complete two-way forward. I can be a power forward. I can be more of a skill guy. I can be a shooter. I can make plays. I have a lot of options in my game where I can be used in any type of situation – defence, offence, neutral zone, faceoffs, whatever it may be.

BCHL: What would it mean to you if you get drafted?

MacPherson: It would mean everything. Obviously, only so many people get picked, so whether it happens or it doesn’t, it’s not going to change how I train this summer or how I approach next season, but it would be nice. It shows your work over the years paid off in the end.

BCHL: You are heading off to the University of New Hampshire with your brother next year. How excited are you for that next chapter in your career?

MacPherson: It’s exciting. It’s another step on our path. We’re heading out in a few days for summer school and to meet the team and get a few skates in, so we’re looking forward to that. We already have a few guys on the team texting us. It’s going to be a fun four years and I’m really looking forward to it.