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BCHL reaches agreement with PRIVIT

Photo credit: Garrett James Photography

The BC Hockey League (BCHL) announced a season-long partnership with PRIVIT – an online database to track medical information for athletes.

This partnership will give the BCHL the ability to document and manage ongoing medical information to track and securely communicate medical clearance to team staff.

The platform will also help facilitate the league’s new COVID-19 screening protocols in place this year.

“Player safety is a pillar of the BCHL and this partnership helps us further our goal of making our league as safe as possible for our players,” said BCHL Executive Director Steven Cocker. “This partnership allows us to have all our players’ medical information centralized in one place, which will help our teams’ medical staff track their data and easily transfer important information when a player is acquired by another team in the BCHL.”

“PRIVIT is also an important part of the league’s COVID-19 return-to-play protocol, allowing the league and our teams to view daily screening information.”

PRIVIT works with several athletic organizations across North America, including K-12 athletics, youth sports, junior hockey and collegiate sports.

“As one of the premiere junior development hockey leagues in North America, we’re excited to collaborate and work closely with the BCHL on all of their player safety initiatives,” said Russell Goodwin, Chief Executive Officer of PRIVIT. “With the unique protocols put in place for this upcoming season, PRIVIT is helping provide all the necessary resources for BCHL teams to allow their players to safely return to sport. The implementation of PRIVIT across all 18 teams in the BCHL will now allow the league to standardize the way teams manage player & staff information. Existing BCHL player health and safety initiatives will be integrated and greatly enhanced via PRIVIT’s player safety management platform.”