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NHL Draft Profile: Danny Weight

Danny Weight only played one season in the BCHL, but he made a significant impact in his short time in the league.

Last year, he finished top-10 in league scoring with 60 points in 58 games on a Vees team that won the Interior Division for the ninth year in a row.

Since the season ended in March, Weight, the son of former NHL player Doug Weight, has been preparing for his freshman year at Boston College, while also keeping his eye on the upcoming NHL draft.

Danny took some time out of his day to give us the rundown on what he’s been up to and how he’s handling the leadup to the draft.


BCHL: You were only in the BCHL for one season, but you enjoyed a lot of success in your short time in the league. What were your impressions of the league in your time there?

Weight: It was a great league. First off, it’s so beautiful up there in British Columbia. The travel was awesome, just looking out the window and seeing the water and the mountain views. It’s a great league with great competition. All the teams are really good. I loved it. I met a lot of guys and made friendships that will last forever. It was a great experience and one of the best years of my life.

BCHL: Your dad played 20 years in the NHL and won a Stanley Cup. Is it safe to say he’s had a big impact on you and your hockey career?

Weight: He’s meant a lot to me. Obviously, he’s been an idol of mine forever. Growing up, I would just go to the rink with him, whether it was St. Louis or New York. I’d go with him and watch him practice and watch what he does off the ice and how disciplined he was at home, whether it was working out or eating. As I grew up and got more serious with the game, my dad started watching video with me and teaching me things. He has such a good hockey mind, so I would take bits of what he was saying and try to put them in my own game. I think I benefited a lot from him. He still teaches me a lot to this day.

BCHL: You’re ranked by NHL Central Scouting as the second-highest BCHL prospect heading into the draft in a couple weeks. Has your dad given you any advice when it comes to the draft, having gone through it himself years ago?

Weight: His advice was to just not worry about it and stay in the present. Either way, if I get drafted or if I don’t get drafted, there’s a lot to be done. It’s not the end all, be all. I’m a freshman at school, so I’ve got to get stronger and faster. I have a long way to go to the NHL either way. He told me to just focus on my day-to-day progress, work hard in the gym and on the ice and just get better everyday.

BCHL: What are your plans for Oct. 6 and 7 when the draft is happening?

Weight: I think I’ll probably watch it. I know a lot people that are going to get drafted anyway, so I think it will be cool to see guys from my area that I used to play with. You never know what will happen. I went through it last year too. I’m a second-year eligible guy. It’s going to be a cool experience either way, to go through it knowing I have a possibility to get picked.

BCHL: If you were to describe yourself as a player to an NHL team that was interested in selecting you, what would you say?

Weight: I’m a really offensive, creative player below the dots and I think the game very well. I think I’m a good passer and playmaker, but I love to get to the net, get gritty and play a physical game too. I’m just an all-around complete player.


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