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NHL Draft Profile: Callum Hughes

Photo credit: Liz Wolter

The 2024 NHL Draft is set to take place on June 28 and 29 at The Sphere in Las Vegas, Nev. NHL Central Scouting’s Final Rankings include 10 players that played in the BCHL last year.

Leading up to the draft, we will share interviews with the prospects about the draft process and a variety of other subjects.

The BCHL’s 2024 NHL Draft coverage is presented by Chevrolet.


West Kelowna Warriors forward Callum Hughes turned heads in his first BCHL season in 2023-24.

The native of Westwood, Mass. tied for second on the team with 23 goals and was eventually named to the league’s All-Rookie Team at season’s end.

After the Warriors lost in the second round of the BCHL Playoffs, Hughes and several teammates made the decision to come back to West Kelowna next year with the hopes of winning a championship.

We chat with Hughes about his goals for next year, the upcoming draft and committing to his ‘dream school’ at Boston University.


BCHL: How did you find the transition to junior hockey last year?

Hughes: It was definitely a jump. I think that’s the same for everyone. For me, I really noticed how much harder it is to finish and score, compared to playing U16 academy hockey. I had the mindset that I knew there was going to be an adjustment. The goals and assists are going to come, but you just have to stick with it. That was the biggest thing for me. From the first game until Christmas break, I thought I was playing pretty well, but things weren’t going in for me. In the second half, I came back and knew what to expect. Things just started to click.

BCHL: You aren’t the only Warriors player listed by Central Scouting. Your teammate Jack Pridham is on the list as well. What was it like getting to play with him last year?

Hughes: Jack was probably one of my closest buddies on the team last year. We played together for about 75 to 80 per cent of the year and we had great chemistry. We know when and where to find each other. Off the ice, how close we were, I think that carries over to the ice. When he decided to come back next season, it was awesome to hear that. Playing with him for another year will be great. Plus, we are also both going to [Boston University], so we’ll go in at the same time and probably room together our freshman year.

BCHL: With you and several of your teammates coming back to West Kelowna next year, what do you hope to accomplish?

Hughes: The Fred Page Cup is the main goal. It was pretty heartbreaking at the end of last year. We lost in the second round to Salmon Arm and everyone kind of turned their heads and said ‘we’re coming back.’ We had the team last year to win it and we didn’t. A lot of guys were saying ‘I want to win this thing. I’m coming back. I want that ring on my finger.’ I think that loss turned a lot of heads. We were a really dialed team last season, but I think we’re going to be even better next year.

BCHL: If you were speaking to an NHL general manager or scout, how would you describe your game?

Hughes: I’m a 200-foot player that is very skilled offensively, but I take pride in the defensive zone first. I won’t leave the zone early. I can really use my speed to my advantage. I’m pretty fast and I can use my shot as well. I also have a high IQ. I think those are things that separate me from other players.

BCHL: What would it mean to you to get drafted next week?

Hughes: It’s cliché, but it would be a dream come true. Every kid playing hockey growing up is dreaming of getting drafted or playing in the NHL one day. If you can do that, it’s a huge accomplishment. It’s something I’ve dreamed of my entire life. I never would have thought five or 10 years ago that I would hear my name getting called at the draft. So to be in the mix of having that possibly happen, it’s surreal.

BCHL: You are committed to Boston University when your junior career comes to an end. Why was BU the best fit for you?

Hughes: Growing up, BU was always my dream school. When I toured a bunch of other schools, then I got to BU, it was clear that was where I wanted to be. I love the coaches there. That part really stood out to me. It was a no-brainer. I just thought ‘how can I not come here?’