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HealthTech Connex to perform brain health scans at Top Prospects Game

Photo credit: Garrett James Photography

After announcing a partnership in November 2022, the BC Hockey League (BCHL) and HealthTech Connex (HTC) will include neurocognitive performance testing as part of the off-ice combine at the Top Prospects Game during the league’s 60th Anniversary event this weekend in Penticton.

HTC will use their NeuroCatch® Platform to sensitively evaluate the cognitive function of players participating in the event.

NeuroCatch® consists of brainwave (EEG) sensors embedded in a mesh cap, which interface with a custom hardware/software platform to develop standardized, objective medical grade results.

The BCHL’s Top Prospects will individually undergo an evaluation, built into the combine testing process, with their results made available as soon as their scan is done, giving them objective, neurophysiological data points about their auditory sensation, basic attention and cognitive processing skills.

“We are happy to have HealthTech Connex attend our Top Prospects Game this weekend and add another layer of an already enhanced player experience,” said BCHL COO and Deputy Commissioner Steven Cocker. “Our events are an opportune time to showcase new technology that we believe is valuable as an everyday tool for our teams and athletes.”

Not only are the results from a NeuroCatch® scan important for knowing which aspects of mental preparation could be optimized, but the data is also highly valuable in the event of a head injury to serve as an objective baseline measure to compare against.

“In peak performance, NeuroCatch brings the opportunity to think faster through benchmarking cognitive information processing speed – right down to the millisecond,” said Dr. Ryan D’Arcy, President and Chief Scientific Officer of HealthTech Connex. “As the most precise test possible, we look forward to helping our B.C. athletes break new brain speed limits and helping to keep them safe.”

The BCHL’s 60th Anniversary event also includes an outdoor All-Star Weekend with a 3-on-3 tournament, skills competition, alumni game and more.